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Strange Things Are Happening

Adventures in Music
  • Author
    • Richard Norris
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  • Published: Mar 21 2024
  • 238 x 162mm
  • ISBN: 9781399609760
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Press Reviews

  • Erol Alkan
    Richard's creativity is at the heart of who he is. I sometimes feel like I only know a fraction of his story, so this book is an insight into a gentle soul who I have had the pleasure of working alongside for almost two decades
  • David Keenan
    This book is a revelation: Mr Richard Norris lived the 20th century and beyond like no one else and this is one of the truly great eyewitness accounts of the heroic years of the counter culture. You need this in your life.
  • Wendy Erskine
    Continuous joy in sound and people. The book just makes you feel like getting up and doing something
  • Tracey Thorn
    Richard's stories remind me how motivated we all were, how industrious, how much FUN we had
  • John Higgs
    Every bit as fantastic as its cover
  • Caught by the River
    A dazzling psychedelic memoir... one of the great eyewitness accounts of the heroic years of the counterculture