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Kimberly's Capital Punishment

  • Author
    • Richard Milward
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'I found the eyeball fifteen minutes before I found the rest of him.'

Having moved to London with her athletic boyfriend, the sweet-but-stuttering Stevie, Kimberly soon tires of him and decides to destroy the relationship from within by being as cruel as humanly possible. When her tactics lead to Stevie's violent death by his own hand, Kimberly embarks on a determined, but no less disastrous, venture in 'unadulterated altruism'. Her soul hangs in the balance - will she ultimately spend eternity in the great TopShop in the Sky? Will she be reincarnated as a pampered greyhound or a deadly bacterium? Or will she be cast into the abyss, tormented endlessly by her past demons and her malevolent pet hamster Lucifer?

This is the story of Kimberly's redemption, or possibly her damnation: it's up to you. There are six different endings on offer.
  • Published: Mar 16 2023
  • Pages: 512
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781399602471
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Press Reviews

  • Camilla Pia

    The List
    Sees [Milward] shift effortlessly from thrilling new talent to major literary force to be reckoned with... Milward contemplates the Big Questions in a bittersweet paean to the UK capital in his own inimitable style and does so with his most impressive series of textual experiments, poetic flashes and lip-smacking imagery to date. His punchy, super-smart prose is driven by an irresistible energy and masterful flair
  • David Clack

    Time Out Book of the Week
    Dark and surreal yarn . . . Milward holds our attention with endearing characters and quirky storytelling techniques . . . a deliciously playful, marvellously adventurous fuck-you of a novel
  • Brian Donaldson

    The List Best Books of 2012
    Even [Milward's] most ardent fan would have been hard pushed to imagine the glories he would give us with this year's offering... Kimberly's Capital Punishment is a typically punchy and experimental tale which puts most other 27 year-old British authors firmly in the shade
  • Joe Stretch, author of FRICTION, WILDLIFE AND THE ADULT

    It will blow cobwebs off your soul. Full of panache, heart and hideousness
  • Russ Litten, author of SCREAM IF YOU WANT TO GO FASTER

    A modern psychedelic masterpiece . . . utterly unique
  • Edmund Gordon

    Sunday Times
    I can't help but admire the way he monkeys about with form, his blackly comic ambition, and the sheer demented energy of his storytelling... Likeably offbeat
  • David Evans

    Milward's quicksilver inventiveness, which seems motivated by a truly weird sense of humour, provokes a sort of bewildered admiration