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Crimes Against Love Memories
  • Authors
    • Jehnny Beth
    • Johnny Hostile
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'Because a life lived in fear is equal to no life at all'

This is the uncompromising vision of Jehnny Beth and Johnny Hostile. Fearless and highly erotic, these stories delight in ideas of sexual transgression and liberation, offering a window onto a world where anything is permitted, and everything is safe. As each of Jehnny Beth and Johnny Hostile's characters break from the bonds of acceptability and enter a darkness of desire, submission and sex, they discover their own humanity, a place where they can truly be free.

A manifesto in the form of erotic photography, monologues and dialogues, Johnny Hostile's stimulating photography punctuates Jehnny Beth's seductive prose. Collapsing the barriers between sex and art while examining the universal values of human existence and consciousness through uninhibited desire, C.A.L.M. established Jehnny Beth and Johnny Hostile as two of the bravest and most provocative voices in fiction and erotic art today.

The full collection of Johnny Hostile's photography is featured in a limited-edition hard cover art book of C.A.L.M.
  • Published: Jul 09 2020
  • 274 x 218mm
  • ISBN: 9781474616027
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Press Reviews

  • The Quietus
    C.A.L.M. presents adventures in . . . abject passion with a forensic detachment that recalls Bataille, De Sade, Anais Nin and Patrick Suskind
  • CRACK Magazine
    Sexualised, strange and absurdist stories, told through different voices, fragmented but clear
  • Fiona Sturges

    i Magazine
    [The short stories are] boldly transgressive and startling in their vividness